Mental Toughness and Charity Merging

The number of charities has gradually decreased as there are now fewer registrations at 161,687, down from 169,297 in 2007. This decline in numbers has been met with a subsequent rise in mergers and collaborations within the sector. This is inevitably one of the by-products of harsher times which appears to be ushering along change at a more rapid pace.


It is said that most charity wrecks are the result of poor governance which fall victim to reduced income and staff. Merging charities together has been the most popular solution in recent times to solve these problems though the degree to which the merger is successful largely varies depending upon the element of mental toughness.


Should the employees and overall culture of the organisation have a reasonable level of mental toughness, in most cases, the merger will be of reasonable success, with staff operating in a motivated, co-operative and confident manner in response to new-found goals and objectives. Adversely, a lack of universal mental toughness has enough power to decrease the longevity of the new organisation. Inefficiencies will present easily avoidable costs such as recruitment which could potentially eat into the limited funding set out for providing services. With dwindling funds and unnecessary costs, many may find themselves unable to operate and be required to shut down shop.


The key factor to remember here, is that mergers and acquisitions bring about change and challenges whether they are wanted or not. Mental toughness training excels in preparing for change by creating a sense of optimism and increased confidence both of which are essential for a successful change process.


We understand the importance of charities within the community and the services they provide and support mergers if they are beneficial to those participating and for the greater good. Additionally, we congratulate those who have been successful in their operations and implore those who are seeking to join collaboratively, to ensure that mental toughness has been embedded beforehand, enforcing a firm foundation for a new beginning.



Sources: Third Sector Magazine



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