Mental Toughness helps HR teams to deliver Strategic Change

A study on the success of HR strategies by People Management recently validated the concept of Mental Toughness.


It was fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s who, in this study, demonstrated the importance of Commitment, Competence and Confidence in their ‘Fusion’ technique aimed at ensuring that all elements of its People Programme are relevant and focused.


Commitment and Confidence are also key drivers in Mental Toughness training. Mental Toughness practitioners are firm believers that an increased level of Commitment (in this case hanging on in there when the going gets tough) and Confidence are critical to success in both the short and long term.


Many organisations in the same study had recently undergone changes in the structure of their HR teams. The common thread that was identified by all teams as a result of this restructure was a need to focus on mind-set and behaviours, mainly self-confidence and a belief in values, also a strong part of Mental Toughness. This echoes findings in the work carried out in the public sector by MentalToughnessJHK Ltd. about how best to challenge the status quo and shape the best strategy for the business.


Mental Toughness has long been used in sport as a way to enhance a player’s desire to win. This study offers validation of the use of Mental Toughness techniques for increasing the motivation and performance of teams within organisations undergoing Strategic Change.



Source: People Management



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