“Surviving change” – NHS Employers Conference

On 16th November 2011 Judith Krichefski will be presenting at the NHS employers conference in Liverpool on the topic “surviving change”.  As we all know the current UK economic growth has been very slow due to the recession and the climate is still at a grim stage where unemployment rates are hitting record highs, government budgets are being cut drastically resulting in uncertainty not only for Public Sector organisations such as the NHS but also for  the general public. According to a survey revealed on March 2011 conducted by the union-funded website, a figure of 50,000 jobs will be lost across the UK.  Also, the 2011 budget contained a health pledge that England will suffer a £1bn cut in spending power by 2012. With statistics such as these, it is not surprising that the NHS is facing uncertainty, doubts, and tough challenges. This is where mental toughness can play its part in helping individuals working in the sector to cope in a positive way and even to thrive despite this tough and difficult economic climate.


The aim of this presentation is to help employers in the NHS to understand mental toughness, and to be clear about how developing mental toughness can help them and their teams deal with the results of the budget cuts: uncertainty, change, organisational restructure, issues around the   quality of delivery and the many other negative impacts caused by the current economic climate.

Mental toughness helps you to see the positives rather than the negatives, and to control the controllable. This is not just about dealing and coping with challenge but about actually welcoming challenge and thriving despite.  During the conference Judith will help participants to experience  some ways how Mental toughness can be developed  and some real life examples using practical tools and  case studies of past success stories.

Judith will be satisfied if attendees leave this presentation with the belief that even if they can’t control the environment they can successfully influence the impact it has on their organisations by developing mentally tough teams.

Only 1 day now to the  NHS employers conference .  Hoping to see you at our presentation!



“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “
–Martin Luther King, Jr. –

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