Pre – Acevo Annual conference 2011

The Acevo annual conference 2011 will be held on the 17th November consisting of multiple seminars around motivational and inspiring topics.  Judith Krichefski will be giving a presentation within the morning slot on the topic “Mental Toughness and resilience – the key to success despite uncertainty and change.”


The audience for this conference will be chief executives from leading Third Sector organisations. JHK Limited will be presenting the concept of mental toughness and how it can help with uncertainty and change. Funding cuts are endemic in the sector now as a result of the economic climate, and many organisations in the Third Sector are facing a lot of uncertainty.


The presentation will aim to identify how the environment is affecting teams in the Third Sector and how mental toughness can help teams to not only cope but thrive despite the challenges. Resilience, self- belief and confidence are key factors in bringing about this transformation.


Do keep posted on the blog to read more about the impact of this presentation during the conference, alternatively you may follow me on twitter for live feeds and updates.

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