NHS Employers Annual Conference 2011 – “Delivering Change Together”

On 16th November 2011, Judith Krichefski held a workshop session at the NHS Employers Annual Conference 2011 on the topic “Surviving Change – Building Resilience”. The message for this workshop was around developing  the Mental Toughness and resilience of NHS Trusts and featured the stories of 3 NHS professionals who’ve experienced considerable change and opportunity as a result of successfully improving their own resilience and that of their workforce.  90 HR managers and executives attended this workshop.


The presentation offered tips, tools, techniques and stories demonstrating how to build Mental Toughness and resilience by using the MTQ48 measure of mental toughness.


Tips: starting a confidence diary, using the anti-awfulising scale, breaking goals down into manageable chunks


Tools: Measure mental toughness using MTQ48 measure. Identify  Organisational  issues as a result of The Organisational MTQ48. Develop personal action plans as a result of individual MTQ48 reports.


Techniques: Developing positive thinking techniques; using reflective practices; learning how to focus and keep your eye on the ball; relaxation techniques; dealing with uncertainty exercise


Stories: The participants really enjoyed the before and after stories told by clients of JHK Mental Toughness and Zenon:  Sherree Gobby (HR Manager) & Mark Elmore( deputy HR Director of NHS Isle of Wight) , told in detail about the reasons behind deciding implement a Mental Toughness programme.  The Trust is going through rapid and wide ranging change and the HR function needed to develop their staff to meet this change head on and achieve effective do-able change. Examples were given of how Mental Toughness JHK helped them to improve as  individuals as well as a team.  The value of this change was seen not only in the workplace but also in their home life.


Resilience and mental toughness were key themes during this conference where the focus was around  change and uncertainty. Judith had a chance to talk to a  member of the MOH who suggested that Mental Toughness is becoming ever more important in an atmosphere where  bullying bullying and aggression is on the increase.



You may click here to watch all the main speeches held at the conference.



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