" Since the Mental Toughness Programme the Directors have shown a staggering degree of resilience and bravery "
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-Director Kent, Probation Service

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  Mental toughness benefits for businesses

Whether your business is exploiting a new market, suffering from competitors' activities, enduring post-acquisition indigestion or you simply want to up your game, we can create and implement a mental toughness programme that will achieve your aims.

Your businesses can use mental toughness when:

  • You are undergoing a period of internal or external change
  • It is time to re-evaluate or create your business strategy
  • You require control and focus from your senior leadership team
  • The benefits from a merger or acquisition are not being realised
  • You need to increase productivity and efficiency
  • You are facing high staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Your senior leadership team is new, or not performing as well as it could
  • A sales uplift is required
  • Your selection and recruitment processes are failing to pick the right people
  • Innovation is stalling and requires stimulation
  • You and your senior managers need to learn to delegate more effectively

The business benefits of a mental toughness programme created and delivered by JHK include:

  • Improved business performance across every metric
  • Focus, clarity and leadership from the senior leadership team
  • Accelerated business growth
  • A winning business strategy
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Effective post-acquisition integration
  • Improved staff recruitment and retention, with reduced absenteeism
  • Enhanced service delivery.

To find out how a mental toughness programme created and delivered by JHK can optimise your personal and organisational performance, contact us now.