" Since the Mental Toughness Programme the Directors have shown a staggering degree of resilience and bravery "
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-Director Kent, Probation Service

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  Mental toughness benefits for individuals

If you are not performing according to your potential, are new to a multi-tasking role with numerous objectives, deadlines and stresses or are facing personal challenges and you need to toughen up, JHK can create and implement a mental toughness programme that will help you achieve your aims.

You can use mental toughness when:

  • It is time for you to set out your personal goals and aspirations
  • You need to improve your performance
  • A period of major change is impacting negatively on your life
  • You have started a new role that demands levels of mental toughness you don't yet have
  • Professional and technical ability is not enough and you need 'an edge'
  • You need to overcome personal barriers and self doubt
  • Stress is starting to impact negatively on your professional and personal lives
  • Your problem-solving and coaching skills require enhancement
  • A tighter focus and increased self confidence are required
  • You have tough personal and professional choices to make

The personal benefits of a mental toughness programme created and delivered by JHK include:

  • Improved personal and professional performance
  • An understanding of your personal goals and aspirations
  • Lower personal stress levels
  • Enhanced focus and greater self confidence
  • Improved analysis and decision-making skills
  • The ability to make tough decisions
  • Better communication skills and professional and personal relationships
  • More effective time management and allocation of resources
  • Overcoming personal barriers and self doubts

To find out how a mental toughness programme created and delivered by JHK can optimise your personal and organisational performance, contact us now.