" Since the Mental Toughness Programme the Directors have shown a staggering degree of resilience and bravery "
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-Director Kent, Probation Service

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JHK's organisational programme is an eight-stage process designed to:

  • Understand your organisational needs
  • Assess the current mental toughness of your target group, using the MTQ48 questionnaire
  • Provide feedback and interpretation of the MTQ48 questionnaire
  • Create individual development plans for each member of your target group

  • Use group sessions to introduce mental toughness and other skills and tools
  • Coach the target groups to enhance mental toughness
  • Deliver an organisational report on the impact and return on investment of the programme
  • Provide a personalised 'distance travelled' report for each member of your target group.

The eight stage process

Stage 8

Distance travelled report 

A personalised and confidential report is prepared for each participant, detailing each person's 'distance travelled' along their personal development plan.

Depending on participant availability, each organisational programme typically spans three months from the initial briefing to the production of the organisational report and distance travelled report.


Key tasks 

  • A report for each participant that details how much progress has been made on their personal development plans through adopting mental toughness

Stage 7

Organisational report 

Judith will prepare an in-depth report designed to inform the senior leadership team, chief executive and chairman of the organisation about the progress of the mental toughness programme, its impact, legacy value and return on investment.


Key tasks 

  • An in-depth report written for the senior leadership and management team's
    • Details the impact implementing a mental toughness approach has had on the organisation
    • Assesses the legacy value of adopting a mental toughness programmed
    • Provides a basis for evaluating return on investment using mental toughness

Stage 6

Second one-day team session 

The second one-day team session facilitated by Judith will educate participants about stress, its impact and management. Additional skills, such as techniques for organisational and personal reflection, monitoring and action planning will also be covered, and there will be ongoing use of observation tools introduced during the first one-day session.


Key tasks 

  • Understanding the impact of stress
  • Organisational and personal reflection techniques
  • Time management of self and team training
  • Monitoring and action planning

Stage 5

Participant coaching sessions 

Judith will personally deliver three one-to-one, face-to-face coaching sessions of up to two hours for each participant. It is during these sessions that participants will receive training, coaching and skills development aimed at producing instant results to gradually enhance mental toughness. Progress from the start of the programme and between each coaching session will be measured and reviewed.


Key tasks 

  • Three one-to-one, face-to-face two-hour coaching sessions per participant
  • Application of appropriate coaching and development tools tailored to each person's personal development requirements
  • Measuring progress between each session

Stage 4

Participant feedback 

Judith will personally prepare feedback for every participant based on the MTQ48 results and reports. Each participant will have a one-to-one, face-to-face feedback session of up to two hours with Judith, who will review the personal and 360-degree questions to build a personalised development plan designed to enhance each participant's mental toughness. A mental toughness workbook is also provided during this session.


Key tasks 

  • Face-to-face feedback - up to two hours per participant
  • Review of:
    • Online mental toughness questionnaire, MTQ48
    • Personal questionnaire
  • Creation of personalised development programmes
  • Preparation of mental toughness workbook

Stage 3

First one-day team session 

The team of participants from your target group will undergo a one-day induction to mental toughness, including a team-building and skills development session facilitated by Judith Krichefski [link to about us page]. Other tools will be introduced as required. Participants will also be trained in using observation techniques for self and group assessment. This can be completed on or off-site; generally we recommend holding the session off-site, to ensure maximum engagement of the participants.


Key tasks 

  • Introduction to mental toughness
  • Team formation and team-building exercises
  • Introduction to entrepreneurialism
  • Introduction to other relevant tools, e.g. using the systematic approach
  • Observations of participants' interactions

Stage 2

Participant preparation 

Each participant in your target group will complete an MTQ48 online mental toughness questionnaire, powered by AQR, which takes only eight minutes to complete and automatically creates initial reports and assessments of mental toughness. Participants will also complete personal questionnaires and co-workers/managers/direct reports are asked to contribute to a 360-degree questionnaire.


Key tasks 

  • Participants' complete:
    • Online mental toughness questionnaire, MTQ48
    • Personal questionnaire
    • 360-degree co-workers questionnaire
  • In-depth organisational research of JHK team

Stage 1

Pre-programme preparation 

Our first step is to fully understand your organisation's objectives, the context in which it operates and what it is that you require from a mental toughness solution. By understanding what drives your organisation, we ensure that the mental toughness programme links to your objectives at every stage of the process.


Key tasks 

  • Take detailed briefing and direction from client
  • Understand organisational objectives
  • Link mental toughness programme to those objectives