" Since the Mental Toughness Programme the Directors have shown a staggering degree of resilience and bravery "
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-Director Kent, Probation Service

mental toughness what is it?

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The AQR defines mental toughness as:


The quality which determines, in some part, how people deal with challenges, stressors and pressure, irrespective of prevailing circumstances

Mental toughness enables individuals to remain focused and resilient, even in the face of the most demanding challenges, stresses and pressures. It is a key element of optimal performance in the workplace.


Mentally tough individuals have the ability to meet challenging objectives, multi-task, take control, accept responsibility, respond positively to change and stay motivated to achieve, no matter what the setbacks and interruptions.

An organisation that manages and fosters mental toughness in its people has a clearer strategy and sense of direction, greater productivity, more effective delivery, higher levels of innovation, combined with higher rates of retention, motivation and organisational cohesion.